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Pickerings Pecan Pie Gin 20cl
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Pickerings Pecan Pie Gin 20cl


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Pickerings Pecan Pie Gin - 37.5% - 20cl

YES! Indeed, why not, everyone else is making some mad liquor out there, and one of our favourite distilleries has produced a colleciton of 6 festive inspired gins. They make the gin ABV cut, just on the level at 37.5%. We think along with all the other colourful garishness at Christmas it's completely forgivable. Think of that tacky decoration that makes it to the tree or somewhere else in the house, well, we think the gins from this collection are like that. In to it?

The Taste

This time, they've been inspired by a pudding that might not be as popular on these shores as it is in the USA, but we really think it should start getting the respect it deserves over here – it's Pecan Pie Gin! Wonderfully nutty, with brown sugar sweetness working fabulously with the classic core of juniper. Should be fantastic served over ice with a few dashes of Angostura Bitters and a dusting on brown sugar.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 37.5% ABV / 20cl

Who produces Pickerings Pecan Pie Gin 20cl?


What is the Origin of Pickerings Pecan Pie Gin 20cl?


Edinburgh, Scotland - GB

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