Poetic License Blackcurrant & Ginger Gin Liqueur - 5cl

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Poetic Licence Blackcurrant & ginger liqueur - 5cl


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Poetic License Blackcurrant & Ginger Gin Liqueur 21.0% - 5cl

One of our latest additions from the awesome Poetic License Distillery's delicious gin-liqueur range!

'Poetic License - Blackcurrant & Ginger is a beautifully spiced berry fruit liqueur. Evokes memories of drinking a warming blackcurrant squash on a cold summer's evening, or on bonfire night. But for the more summery beverage this goes down very well with some Prosecco, or for the lighter tipple, simply mix with some soda or lemonade.

This gin liqueur is an easy-drinking juniper/gin based alcoholic beverage, and is just one of the Sunderland based distillery's tempting flavour combinations. The liqueurs are obviously a sweeter approach to ginning, but it might be a gateway beverage for a potential gin lover!

The spiced notes of the Old Tom Gin are apparent on the nose, as is the soft fruitiness of the blackcurrants. Like the other liquers, it's a bold and clear flavour combination. For those less inclined for the sweetness, we rather liked it as an alternative ingredient for a bramble cocktail, instead of the creme de Mure - we know it's not a bramble then, but it worked for us!

The Taste

From a taste perspective the sweet tartness of the blackcurrant is the obvious flavour, followed swiflty by ginger spice, which pairs very well with the blackcurrant, delivering an all-round warming experience.

The Botanicals

Botanicals from the Poetic License Old Tom recipe, with the obvious additional flavours.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 21%% ABV / 5cl

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Fruity | Warming | Summery | Wintery

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