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Poetic License Gin and Gin Liqueur Tasting Set

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Poetic License Miniatures Tasting Set

A terrific selection of gins and gin liqueurs from Poetic License distillery, Sunderland. A couple of flavoured gin liqueurs, a tasty flavoured gin, a spiced gin, an old tom and a Northern dry. Something for everyone, a great gift and chance to explore. Makes for a great Christmas gift, or a gift at any other time of year for that matter.

5 x 5cl Presented in a lovely gift box:

Poetic License Northern Dry - 43.2% (5cl) - spiced, green cardamom and a great level of juniper. Balanced and tasty.

Poetic License Strawberries & Cream - 37.5% (5cl) - beautifully flavourful and not too sweet, please don't think this is in the same category as other sugared pink gins. So worth a try.

Poetic License Fireside Gin -  40.1% (5cl) - spiced, comforting and balanced. If you like elements of spiced rum then you'll probably dig this, but don't let a rum likeness put you off if you aren't into rum, this is a tasteful and very sippable number.

Poetic License Baked Apple and Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur - 21% (5cl) - a warming and spiced sweet liqueur, creamy and unctuous, puddingy.

Poetic License Blackcurrant and Ginger - 21% (5cl) - a slightly fiery, sweet and tart gin liqueur, we love using it as a replacement for creme de mure in a bramble cocktail.

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