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Poetic License Tutti Frutti 42.7% - 70cl

Another tantalising gin from Poetic License. "Tutti Fruitti" gin is one lip-smacking fruity number - a nose of tropical fruits and berries, a taste of pineapple, followed by juniper and then mixed fruits: kiwi, peach and apple, yes, pretty much the whole fruit bowl! AND with no added sugar, this gin is not too sweet, it's no liqueur.

Makes a rather summer filled cocktail.

Poetic License is distilled in Sunderland using the traditional 'one-shot' method, the gins are brought down to bottling strength using nothing but pure mineral water. Keeping it simple.

The Taste

Pineapple and lip-smacking fruitiness with distinct juniper, whilst not being too sweet! Kiwi, peach, apple deliciousness.  

The Botanicals

Similar to that of the old tom with the added fruit bowl!

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Poetic License Tutti Frutti

Makes a rather summer-vibe cocktail. Try with a dash of pineapple juice, soda and plenty of ice!... And a bit of crisp apple


ABV / Vol

ABV 42.7% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Poetic License Tutti Frutti?

Poetic License

What is the Origin of Poetic License Tutti Frutti?


Sunderland, England - GB

What defines Poetic License Tutti Frutti?

Descriptive Tags

Fruity| Lychee | Juniper | Northern

What colour is Poetic License Tutti Frutti?



How does Poetic License Tutti Frutti taste?


A bouquet of fruit!


First detected is pineapple, followed by juniper, which fades allowing a sweetness of the rest of fruit bowl to emerge.


Sweet fruitiness

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