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Sacred Bottle Aged Negroni 26.8% - 70cl

Every bottle of Sacred Gin is hand-distilled by Ian Hart in his family home and is individually numbered. Ian has turned traditional gin production on its head by using vacuum distillation, rather than traditional pot distillation, to create a truly unique spirit. The vacuum means distillation occurs at a much lower temperature and because of this the distillates are lusher and fresher. Each of the organically sourced botanicals is macerated separately for 4-6 weeks minimum. Most distilleries macerate overnight with plenty of oxidative air contact which has a detrimental effect on the freshness of the botanicals. They are then distilled seperately and blended to create Sacred Gin.

This is a blend of Sacred Gin, Rosehip Cup and Spiced English Vermouth. Simply pour over ice with a slice of orange for a deliciously rich and smooth English Nergroni


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Simply pour over ice and add a slice of orange for a real English Negroni







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