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True North Brew Sheffield Dry Gin (42% / 70cl)

Distilled in a handmade copper still imported from Portugal.

The Botanicals

Alongside traditional botanicals, True North Brew Co use an unusual selection of Fennel, Cardamom and Gentian root that give this gin a dry herbaceous character.
A small amount of grapefruit and lemon peel is present for balance.
And finally, a touch of Sheffield honey and Henderson's Relish  bringing real Northern spirit and complexity to the profile. 

True North Brew Company

Their story starts back in 1992 when Kane Yeardley bought an old, disused warehouse and turned it into one of Sheffield's most loved venues, The Forum. From there Forum Cafe Bars was born and ever since the company has gone from strength to strength with nine venues spread across Yorkshire, a successful brewery and a gin distillery. In line with the growth in January 2016 the company name was changed to True North Brew Co to fully reflect the diverse nature of all their venues. True North Brew Co's range of beers was first brewed and developed alongside Claire Monk at Welbeck Abbey Brewery in 2012. The range and reputation of the beers grew over time and in 2015 they built their own brewery and events space in the heart of Sheffield City Centre. As if their own distinctive range of beers and ales wasn’t enough, they went one further and extended their produce with True North 'Sheffield Dry Gin'. This is the first gin to be distilled and bottled in Sheffield in over 100 years and it is causing quite a stir amongst local gin aficionados.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Sheffield Dry Gin

Sheffield Red Snapper

  • 50ml Sheffield dry
  • 50ml Tomato juice
  • Celery stick and the usual bits..

Withhold on the relish / worchester sauce as the gin already has Henderson's relish in it and this comes right out in the context of this serve!


ABV / Vol

ABV 42% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Sheffield Dry Gin?

True North Brew Company

What is the Origin of Sheffield Dry Gin?


Sheffield - GB

What colour is Sheffield Dry Gin?



How does Sheffield Dry Gin taste?


Herbaceous & peppery


An intriguing blend of fennel, cardamom and gentian root

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