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Thunderflower gin 42% - 70cl

Thunderflower Gin is run and made by Dominic and Anicca O'Nions from Devon.

Thunderflower gin took a good to develop, and in our opinion it was time well spent. Thunderflower gin is a considered London Dry Recipe, well-balanced spiced with elegant aromatic notes coming through. Elderflower and sage bring tasteful floral notes to the experience. 

We really rate this gin, it's a proper gin with a sophisticated finish. If you are in to your gin and looking for something that is unique but not a typical "newbie flavoured gin" then we recommend this. Great in a G&T with a soft classic tonic, or if you are in to cocktails, try it in an espresso martini.

Apparently, in old English folk lore the small white flower, the "Thunderflower", used to grow on thatched houses, and it was encouraged because it apparently warded off witches and thunderstrikes!

The Taste

Enjoyably green and vegetal, the sage and elderflower shining through. Juniper is strong and oily, with hints of liquorice and angelica bringing soft sweetness to the mix.

The Botanicals

Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom (Green & Black), Pink peppercorns, Liquorice, Angelicam Elderflower, Sage, Cassia bark 

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ABV / Vol

ABV 42% ABV / 70cl

What is the Origin of Thunderflower Gin (Gift Boxed)?


Devon - GB

What defines Thunderflower Gin (Gift Boxed)?

Descriptive Tags

Juniper Led | Smooth | Spiced | Devon

What colour is Thunderflower Gin (Gift Boxed)?



How does Thunderflower Gin (Gift Boxed) taste?


Herbaceous & spiced, ​with juniper & floral notes


Smooth, dry & herbaceous, ​with juniper, spice & floral notes


Warm & peppery, ​with herbs, spices & juniper

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