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Tinkture Organic Rose Gin
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Hannah, Tinkture's founder didn't set out to create a gin. Her goal was to create drinks where she knew exactly what the ingredients were, was organic & clean.



ABV / Vol

ABV 44%% ABV / 50cl



Penzance, Cornwall - GB

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Tinkure Organic Rose GIn


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Tinkture Organic & Vegan Rose Gin - 44% - 50cl

Hannah, Tinkture's founder didn't set out to create a gin. Her goal was to create drinks where she knew exactly what the ingredients were, was organic & clean.
A happy accident occured in her her experiments - not only did the taste embody the subtlety of fresh Roses, the amber colour of the elixir mixed with tonic, turned to a delightful pink.

Tinkture's Rose Gin is made in a very traditional manner. It is distilled in Copper Alembic Stills.
Essentially you heat up a giant pot of special ‘soup’, which contains exact amounts of botanicals and alcohol, as this mixture heats up, the alcohol and flavours evaporate, they then make their way to the condenser, where this heady cloud condenses and returns to it’s liquid state.

The colour is a Golden amber that changes to beautiful Pink when mixed with tonic.  A classic ‘London Dry’ style Gin, with one key purpose... “to let the Rose sing!”
The colour change is a natural chemoical reaction between the pigment of the Rose petals and citric acid.

The taste

Rose Gin is a sensuous walk through a garden in bloom - not a brutal, floral punch to the senses.

Tinkture Rose Gin is a Light, delicate Gin with a hint of Citrus. Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. 

The Botanicals

Hannah, the founder comments..

The secret is very simple. We only use the finest, fully certified organic ingredients for our gin - you know the usual suspects - juniper, coriander, lemon and orangepeel - and the real secret is simply the variety and closely guarded secret blend of David Austin rose petals. 

The Rose petals are seasonal and hence some variance in the flavour can be expected.

Is Tinkture Rose gin gluten free?

Yes. Its made with a very light wheat based alcohol. Distillation removes the harmful proteins that cause reactions to levels way below the 20/million threshold considered to be "wheat free". That said if youre hyper sensitive, caution is advised!!


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[TGB] recommends serving with

Tinkture Organic Rose Gin

Chocolate Rose's

50/50 Tinkture Rose Gin/Tonic, ice, a few dashes of Bitter truth chocolate bitters and a fresh sprig of mint.

The Classic 'Tink and Tonic'

A good glug (about 50ml) of Rose Gin, 200ml Fevertree Classic Tonic, lots of ice and a slice of fresh pear or a twist of unwaxed lemon peel.


ABV / Vol

ABV 44%% ABV / 50cl

Who produces Tinkture Organic Rose Gin?


What is the Origin of Tinkture Organic Rose Gin?


Penzance, Cornwall - GB

What defines Tinkture Organic Rose Gin?

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What colour is Tinkture Organic Rose Gin?


Golden amber at the start which turns dusty Pink when mixed with Tonic or Lemonade

How does Tinkture Organic Rose Gin taste?


Subtle balance of Rose and Citrus, with Juniper undertones


Smooth, Rich, subtle back notes of Spice


Light Floral finish

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