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Two Birds Rhubarb 40% - 20cl

Founded and produced in the quaint market town of Market Harborough in Leicestershire, Two Birds Rhubarb gin is, like all other spirits at Union Distillers, is distilled in a one of a kind copper still called Gerard. The rhubarb distillate is produced and blended with rhubarb press in batches of just 100 bottles.

This is one bright gin on the sweeter end of the taste categories. It pairs just perfectly with some Fever Tree ginger ale and a fresh squeeze of lime.

The Taste

Soft, slightly sweet and tart rhubarb. Hints of coriander and, of course, juniper

The Botanicals

Juniper, coriander, orris root, citrus and a secret one! + Rhubarb distillate

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml

With Indian tonic and a slice of cucumber over the edge.


ABV / Vol

ABV 40% ABV / 20cl

Who produces Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml?

Union Distillers

What is the Origin of Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml?


Market Harborough, Leicestershire - GB

What defines Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml?

Descriptive Tags

Fruity | Rhubarb | Sweetish

What colour is Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml?



How does Two Birds Rhubarb Gin - 200ml taste?


Well balanced with good juniper, earthy, lovely pine, peppery vanilla and fresh lime notes.


Very classic, soft, clean and easy drinking. Low tones of vanilla, superb lingering citrus.


Classic juniper and spice, hint of sweetness.

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