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Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin 40%

Another great product from the masters of gin - Tom Warner and Simon Edwards. The fresh elderflower is picked from the hedgerows and infused with their already excellent Harrington Dry Gin and a little sugar to produce a sweet gin with a very floral bouquet and hints of caramel. Great in a G&T or over ice.

The Taste

The gin has a rich, velvety texture that starts with hints of spice and finishes with wonderful floral notes.

The Botanicals

Cardamom from Guatemala, angelica root from Holland, black pepper from Vietnam, cinnamon quills from Sri Lanka along with local elderflower, Italian juniper and Spanish orange.

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[TGB] recommends serving with

Warner's Elderflower Gin

This gin works great in a G&T but to really appreciate the harmony of flavours try it neat over ice.


ABV / Vol

ABV 40% ABV / 70cl

Who produces Warner's Elderflower Gin?


What is the Origin of Warner's Elderflower Gin?


Northampton, Endland - GB

What defines Warner's Elderflower Gin?

Descriptive Tags

Fragrant | Summery | Light Spice | Sweetish

What colour is Warner's Elderflower Gin?


Pale green

How does Warner's Elderflower Gin taste?


Complex with floral citrus and spice, followed by the unmistakeable fragrance of elderflower.


Spice at the beginning then notes of vanilla and cardamom


Finishes with fuller floral notes and citrus blossom

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