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Whittaker's Gin Tasting Set with mats

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Whittaker's Tasting gift Set

3 excellent & unique gins packaged up in a humble gift set.

What gins are featured?


A 42% ABV traditional smooth gin with a base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root with signature botanicals of sweet Hawthorn berries, Bilberries, peaty, earthy Bog Myrtle and garden Thyme with a hint of lemon citrus.

Sloe & Honey

Soaked in Original Whittaker's Gin for no less than six months then sweetened with local honey. 40% ABV London Dry Gin.

The difference between this and the Clearly Sloe variety is very evident, with the Clearly sloe being a celebration of the sloe's tartness, this one is set to appeal to sweeter toothed in comparission. Certainly not "too sweet", the natural honey simply adds warmth and body to the profile.

Pink Particular

An award winning 42% ABV contemporary London dry gin with signature botanicals of Pink Peppercorns, Pink Hibiscus and Cardamon with a hint of Lemon Citrus.

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