Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl
Harrogate Distillery

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Whittaker's Winter Solstice Gin (20cl / 42% ABV)

A smooth Winter spicy and fruity 42% London dry gin with a base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root gently overlaid with signature botanicals of dried Bitter Orange, Sultanas, Raisins, Currants, Star Anise with a kiss of Cloves and Cinnamon.

The ideal fireside tipple for cold winter nights as the Star Anise gives it snuggly warmth with a background fruity and orange finish, the flavours come in layers. This gin is totally unfiltered so when served over ice, it may turn a little cloudy as the oils come out of solution but this way, it does not loose its nose, taste and unique character when served.

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ABV / Vol

ABV 42% ABV / 20cl

Who produces Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl?

Harrogate Distillery

What is the Origin of Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl?


Nidderdale, Harrogate - GB

What defines Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl?

Descriptive Tags

Wintery | spiced| Anise

What colour is Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl?



How does Whittaker's Winter Solstice 20cl taste?


Juniper and spice


Warming Anise and subtle fruits


Lingering pepper and spice

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